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Watson Turns IBM Into A Serious Contender In The Industrial IoT Market

When it comes to public cloud-based IoT platforms, Amazon and Microsoft have fierce competition from an unexpected corner – IBM. While the company hasn’t seen much traction with SoftLayer (IaaS), and Bluemix (PaaS), it’s upping the ante on IoT and Cognitive Computing. IBM Watson is slowly but steadily gaining customer adoption. From Visa to BMW to Bosch to Kone, Watson now boasts of some impressive partnerships.

IBM recently hosted a two-day briefing at its newly minted IoT facility in Munich. Dubbed as the Genius of Things, this event helped the company showcase some of the wins it had in the recent past.

Visa, the leading credit card company, has announced that it is embedding IBM Watson technology in its devices to make digital payments ubiquitous. Visa Token Service, the digital identifier for consumers, offers the next generation of payment service delivers faster and secure payment mechanism. Visa claims that this is going to be better than Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay. IBM Watson will enable Visa to bring this technology to 20 billion wearable and connected devices.

With cashless transactions picking up momentum in emerging markets such as India, this partnership will help both Visa and IBM in driving increased customer adoption. IBM has plans to integrate the Visa-powered digital payments with automobiles, cars, fitness gear, and other connected devices.

From the manufacturing vertical, IBM and Bosch have announced a partnership, through which Bosch will make its IoT Suite available on IBM Bluemix.

Back in Munich, BMW is working closely with IBM Watson research team in bringing Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to consumer cars. Currently, the team is prototyping its early implementations on BMW i8 hybrid sports cars at the Watson IoT HQ.

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Janakiram MSVWatson Turns IBM Into A Serious Contender In The Industrial IoT Market

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