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Vapor IO Wants To Turn Every Cell Phone Tower Into An Edge Location

Vapor IO, an Austin-based startup announced Project Volutus, a platform that aims to turn tens of thousands of cell towers into edge locations capable of delivering low latency cloud services to contemporary applications.

Edge computing transforms the public cloud by turning it into a distributed and decentralized infrastructure. The edge layer provides core building blocks of cloud including compute, storage, and the network by moving them closer to the applications. With just a single hop to the data center, the latency involved in accessing traditional cloud platforms is dramatically reduced. Since the round trip to the cloud is minimized, edge computing enhances the user experience.

Vapor IO was originally founded to build software and hardware infrastructure that delivers edge solutions. Project Volutus is based on existing investments made by Vapor IO.

According to the company, Project Volutus is a co-location and data center platform service deployed at the base of cell towers. Customers partner with Project Volutus to extend their cloud to the edge of the wireless network, integrating compute, networking and storage with the wireless infrastructure to deliver next-generation low-latency cloud services.

Vapor IO has initially developed OpenDCRE, the open source software to manage remote infrastructure through standard REST API. Vapor COREis a commercial data center management software based on OpenDCRE. Customers can run Vapor CORE on-premises or signup for the SaaS offering hosted by Vapor IO. This software is designed to bridge the gap between information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) by providing a programmable interface to physical components of servers such as CPU fan, power unit, and chassis. Through Vapor CORE, customers can ingest and visualize telemetry from various remote servers to monitor and control the distributed infrastructure.

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