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Kubernetes 1.7 Debuts With Enhanced Security And Extensibility

Kubernetes 1.7, the latest release of the open source project for managing containers, focuses on security and extensibility. It is optimized for running enterprise workloads including databases.

Kubernetes is one of the fastest growing open source projects. According to Krihelinator, a project that tracks the popular projects on Github, Kubernetes ranks as the top 3 open source project. It is undoubtedly one of the fastest moving projects in the history of open source.

With the latest version, Kubernetes is targeting enterprise workloads by enhancing StatefulSets.

Customers find it challenging to move stateful applications such as databases to container platforms. The inherent design of containers makes it difficult to run these applications in high availability mode. Kubernetes tackles this problem through StatefulSets, which can run database clusters and other high availability workloads that depend on stable network identifiers and persistent storage. They make it possible to gracefully initialize, scale and terminate the instances that belong to a cluster. This feature has been a key differentiator of Kubernetes when compared to other orchestration tools.

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Janakiram MSVKubernetes 1.7 Debuts With Enhanced Security And Extensibility