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How Azure Event Grid Can Become The Foundation Of Microsoft Serverless Strategy

Microsoft ­­has added an important component to its public cloud, Azure Event Grid. This new service brings a fully-managed intelligent event routing mechanism that allows communication through the publish-subscribe model.

Azure Event Grid provides lightweight infrastructure for applications to exchange messages. On one side, there will be sources that generate data and raise an event, and on the other hand, there are interested parties consuming the data by responding to these events. Microsoft is integrating a variety of Azure services with Event Grid that act as the event sources.

An application subscribed to an Event Grid topic may be notified each time a new virtual machine is provisioned, or a new document is uploaded to cloud storage. It is really up to the application on what it does with this data. For example, it can check the metadata of the document to send out an email confirmation.

Event Grid plugs the gap existing in Microsoft’s Serverless platform. It brings together event publishers and event consumers in a loosely coupled form. Microsoft had the choice of turning Azure Functions – the Serverless platform – as the ultimate destination for consuming events and processing the data. Instead, it has decided to expose Event Grid as a lightweight Serverless messaging infrastructure that enables developers to publish and consume events from any application.

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Janakiram MSVHow Azure Event Grid Can Become The Foundation Of Microsoft Serverless Strategy

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