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Google Cloud IoT Core Focuses On Simplicity And Scale

Google announced the availability of the beta of Cloud IoT Core, its enterprise IoT platform offering. The service has been in the private preview for select customers and partners. Let’s take a closer look at Google’s IoT platform as a service in its current form.

An enterprise IoT PaaS must have a scalable device management layer complemented by a robust data processing pipeline. The below diagram represents the reference architecture of an enterprise IoT platform.

Device Registry

The device registry acts as a central repository of all the devices connected to the platform. It contains device metadata such as serial number, make, model, location, asset id and more. The credentials associated with each device are securely stored in the registry. The registry also stores the digital twin of the device which contains the last known reported state of the device. Applications can query the device’s digital twin to get the metadata and latest data.

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Janakiram MSVGoogle Cloud IoT Core Focuses On Simplicity And Scale