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Google Adds Managed Internet Of Things Service To Its Cloud Platform

Google announced that it is adding a fully managed IoT PaaS to its cloud platform. Google Cloud IoT Core, the latest addition to Google Cloud Platform, brings device management, machine-to-machine communication, security, and analytics to connected devices.

For hyper-scale cloud providers, IoT platform service is a logical extension of existing building block services. Based on the underlying compute, storage, networking, security, and database infrastructure, an IoT PaaS is a verticalized solution for managing connected devices. Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft have been offering IoT PaaS to customers since 2015. Google is one of the last entrants in the public cloud market to deliver this capability.

Google Cloud IoT Core fills a significant gap that existed in Google’s public cloud service offerings. It is tightly integrated with existing services such as Cloud Pub/Sub, Cloud Functions, Cloud Dataflow, Big Table, Big Query, Cloud ML and Data Lab. Though Cloud Pub/Sub acted as the ingestion layer with asynchronous publish-subscribe patterns, customers had to deal with the plumbing for device communication and messaging. Through the new IoT service, customers can securely onboard the devices and configure machine-to-machine communication.

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Janakiram MSVGoogle Adds Managed Internet Of Things Service To Its Cloud Platform

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