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10 Key Takeaways From The RightScale State of The Cloud Report

RightScale, the multi-cloud management company, does an annual survey of enterprises and SMBs to identify the trends in adopting the cloud. The State of the Cloud report, which summarizes the findings of the survey, reflects the current pulse of the market. Over the last few years, it has become a credible source for the cloud vendors, analysts, and decision makers to understand customer adoption patterns.

Here is an attempt to highlight the key takeaways for enterprise decision makers from the report.

1. Private cloud growth is declining

As enterprises gain confidence in the public cloud, their investments in the private cloud are falling. Traditional, monolithic workloads will continue to run in the private cloud while contemporary applications will move to public cloud. When compared to last year, the private cloud adoption saw a drop of 5% – from 77% to 72%. Existing private clouds will be extended to the public cloud through a hybrid strategy.

2. VMware is the king of private cloud

Within the private cloud users, VMware is still the most preferred vendor. Between vCenter and vCloud, VMware dominates the private cloud deployments with 60% of adoption. The remaining slots are taken by OpenStack, Microsoft System Center, bare-metal, and Azure Pack. With the general availability of Azure Stack around the corner, Microsoft may see an increase in its private cloud adoption.

3. Central IT owns the cloud strategy 

After dealing with shadow IT and a fragmented cloud usage, enterprise IT is stepping up to own the cloud strategy for the entire organization. From selecting the right public cloud to managing the deployments, central IT is now managing the end-to-end governance. This trend is an indication of the confidence CXOs have in the public cloud.

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Janakiram MSV10 Key Takeaways From The RightScale State of The Cloud Report

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