Amazon Elastic Beanstalk goes Polyglot with its PHP Support

Almost every PaaS vendor has gone polyglot and Amazon Web Services is not an exception. Last week AWS has announced PHP and Git deployment for Elastic Beanstalk. Having been launched with Java support almost a year ago, Beanstalk has got another language in the form of PHP. Technically, Amazon Beanstalk has been designed to run any language / platform from day one. Since AWS is an IaaS, many developers felt it was complex to choose the instance types, adding persistent storage, enabling monitoring and other tasks. Other PaaS providers like Microsoft and Google have good integration with Visual Studio and Eclipse that offer single click deployment. This forced AWS to assemble all its assets across compute, storage, networking and databases and offer an abstraction layer in the form of Amazon Beanstalk.

I tried deploying WordPress, a popular CMS built on PHP to Amazon Beanstal and was impress that I could do it in less than 10 minutes. All this without dealing with EC2, security groups, ELB, AutoScale configuration etc. Git integration brings an extremely agile deployment to Beanstalk. With this. Amazon has matched the ease of deployment offered by Cloud Foundry, Heroku and RedHat OpenShift.

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